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The issue for a lot of borrowers in the past few years has not been the low rates, but actually accessing capital. At The Ross Fund, we work with private lending companies that offer less stringent lending requirements and typically better rates and terms than most hard money lenders.

New Niche Products offered by The Ross Fund
One Year Tax Return

Perfect for a self employed borrower with a fluctuating income.

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12 Month Bank Statement Loan
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Perfect for self employed borrowers with high expenses reported on the tax returns.

Stand Alone Private Money Second TD's

Primarily for business purposes. Stated loans with limited doc and credit requirements. We can go behind any First TD loan amount.

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2024 Loan Limit Matrix
Loan Limit
Orange County, CA

1 Unit

2 Unit


3 Unit

4 Unit

Mortgage Loan Expert Serving Orange County, CA

Matthew Marshall is the President of The Ross Fund Real Estate Finance with an expertise in mortgage loans for more than 20+ years helping people located in Orange County, CA.

Loan products expertise:

Broker/Owner - The Ross Fund

The Ross Fund Real Estate Finance will provide you greater loan options to choose from since we are partnered with private lenders and bank institutions.

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Recently Funded Loans
Purchase Sale of $980,000
Loan $686,000

Rental Property, used estimated income from appraisal to help qualify.

Rate 5.875% on a 30 year fixed - NO POINTS

Mission Viejo, CA
Purchase Loan
Loan $1 Million
Los Angeles, CA

Borrower had a foreclosure three years prior (A) paper loan 5.25% 5/1 ARM - 75% LTV.

Bank Funded and NO POINTS

Owner Occupied
Refinance SFR $1,120,000
Coto De Caza, CA

30 year fixed - rate 2.99% APR 3.18%

One point, no cash out LVT 60%

Commercial Loan
Loan $100,000
San Clemente, CA

2nd Trust Deed Rate 10% (4 Points), 12 Month Term Interest Only

No Doc. Borrower was short funds to close

Purchase Sale of $1,220,000
Loan $784,000
Mission Viejo, CA

12 Month Bank statement only - FICO Score 667, recent BK. Rate 5.75% cost 2 points.

5 Year Term No PPP

Business Loan
Irvine, CA
SFR $400,000

2nd Trust Deed, Stated No Doc. Behind a Million Dollar First, Property was listed for sale. 10.50% & 4 Points on a 6 Month Prepayment.

3 Year Fixed Term

Rental Property
Loan $280,000
Los Angeles, CA

First Trust Deed, State No Doc. High rise (8 stories) - no warrantable condo. 8% & 2 Points on a 3 Year prepayment.

5 Year Fixed Term

Purchase Sale of $980,000
SFR, Refinance $1,125,000 - Cash Out
Coto De Caza, CA

12 Months Bank, statements only - FICO Score 777. $200,000 cash out to buy business property. Rate 5.5% & 2 Points.

5 Year Fixed Term No PPP

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